Problems with AWS (Amazon Web Services) Ireland

I recently moved my site from AWS (Amazon Web Services) US East region to the Ireland region. If you are not familiar, Amazon provides hosting services currently in 10 different data centers around the world. Surprisingly in the last few weeks my site has been consistently down or slow in the Ireland region so I moved it back to the US. Sorry if you tried accessing during that time!

Tips on Developing a Woocommerce Store

Just finished and launched a major project, a woocommerce store for You can see it at The store included a custom design, custom code, and three custom plugins! We also used woocommerce subscriptions to manage Israel365’s bible book program. A custom plugin helped to import all previous subscriptions, generate orders automatically when necessary, and add the right bible book to all orders.

Here are some tips I wanted to share on woocommerce development:

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My site is up! I’m hosting it on the Amazon cloud for free (for the first year), using bootstrap for responsive design, and running wordpress to blog with you. Hope to have more posts soon!