Tips on Developing a Woocommerce Store

Just finished and launched a major project, a woocommerce store for You can see it at The store included a custom design, custom code, and three custom plugins! We also used woocommerce subscriptions to manage Israel365’s bible book program. A custom plugin helped to import all previous subscriptions, generate orders automatically when necessary, and add the right bible book to all orders.

Here are some tips I wanted to share on woocommerce development:

1. Woocommerce core: The free woocommerce core comes with a decent back-end crm, front-end store, and paypal standard payment plugin. On the other hand it is lacking some basic features like import/export, paypal-pro etc. There are some free plugins out there but on other hand your costs can rise once you start purchasing premium plugins.

2. Premium plugins: These can be hit and miss. Sometimes the plugin works exactly as you want, sometimes it can conflict with another plugin. Support is also hit and miss. Sometimes the plugin developer is very responsive, sometimes not. I wanted to single out Brent Sheperd and Devin Walker as being very helpful and very supportive. Thanks!

3. As much as possible try to stick to the default layout of a woocommerce site. The theme can be changed as much as desired but changing anything related to the default woocommerce layout involves a lot more work (unfortunately this is what we ended up doing as that is what the design required!)

In any case, let me know your experience and if you have anything to add!

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